BEEZ is more than just a tasty substitute for sweets

The need to emphasize health is paramount for us. Therefore, we always try to add only good ingredients to our bars that are beneficial to the human body, but at the same time, tasty. We want to introduce you to our novelty – the BEEZ bar.

This delicious snack has no restrictions and you can consume it practically on any occasion. Whether as a substitute for classic sweets, as a snack for travel or with coffee. Plus, it’s great for kids. The simple composition is a real pleasure for your taste buds. It consists of oatmeal, honey, coconut oil and dried fruit and is produced in three delicious flavours. Those are figs with cinnamon and plum, pomegranate with acai berries and orange oil, and the third flavour contains ginseng with ginger and guarana.

In addition to great taste, the Beez bar is also a suitable partner for the body from a health point of view. Thanks to honey, it has immunological effects and helps prevent diseases. You don’t have to consume various artificial medicines but indulge in a honey delicacy on a regular basis. Of course, the bar does not replace medications prescribed by doctors, however it is a suitable alternative to various artificial food supplements.

Handmade from oatmeal

In addition to the delicious taste, the hand-made bar in organic quality also offers other benefits. β-glucan contained in oatmeal fibre has beneficial effects in supporting the digestive system. Not only do they help digestion, but they are also easily absorbed and do not burden the body. Full of vitamins and minerals, they truly are a suitable alternative to commonly available sweets full of refined sugars or artificial sweeteners. Oatmeal also has positive effects on heart function and lowers blood pressure or cholesterol.

Full of honey

The honey content in our new product is also very important – it makes Beez bars an immunological bomb. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects are generally well known. Honey also helps with viral and respiratory diseases. It has calming effects on the nervous system and is a natural source of energy.


Great properties of coconut oil

Last but not least, coconut oil should definitely be mentioned, which helps to supplement the bar with other nutrients. It is a rich source of antioxidants and contains vitamins A, C and E. It has been proven to have antiviral and antibacterial effects which again proves the excellent immunological properties of the Beez bar.

Beez’s natural origin allowed us to place it in the Clean Label category. Its composition is simply clear and easy to understand. The aim of this trend is to add as few ingredients to food as possible.

Therefore you aren’t just looking at a tasty delicacy and a substitute for sweets. Beez is a great companion and helper in every way. In addition to the above-mentioned properties, it also has an excellent taste. It melts on the tongue and is soft. Try it today.

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